Contact Lenses

Our staff are trained to provide the best contact lens fitting experience available.

Personalized training on insertion and removal as well as instructions on care for your new lenses is given to each individual.

We offer expert fitting in:

  • Soft lenses
  • Daily, biweekly, or monthly
  • Toric (Astigmatism)Lenses
  • Mulitifocal
  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP'S)

Our goal at the Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio is to work diligently to ensure your transition from glasses to contacts is a smooth and successful one.


Contact Lens Fees:  What you should know

We want to thank you for considering The Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio for your eye care needs and we would like to inform you of our contact lens fitting policy.

Contact lenses are medical devices that can cause infection, inflammation, damage to the eyes or in some cases loss of vision if not worn or cared for properly.

The fitting process for contact lenses takes time and expertise by the prescribing doctor.  For that reason, a fitting fee may be applicable to ensure the proper contact lenses are selected for each patient.

This fitting fee may range from $45 to $75.  This fee is determined by the doctor based on the complexity of your prescription and the contact lenses deemed appropriate for each patient.  You will be required to pay this fee up front on the day of your exam.

Contact lens fitting fees include: A contact lens fitting appointment with the doctor, an insertion and removal training session, a trial pair of contact lenses, all future contact lens related appointments for up to six months and any additional trial contact lenses if the original pair are lost, ripped or need altered based on size or prescription.

After an appropriate brand and prescription of contact lenses are determined by the doctor, the prescription will be valid for ONE YEAR and an order can be placed.

For patients that are new to contact lenses, please feel free to watch the short video below for an introductory to contact lenses. 


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