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Infant Exams (InfantSEE) 
Infants see is a national program designed to address the problems of early childhood eye problems that often go undetected.

This program, developed by the American Optometric Association provides no-cost assessments for children ages 6 to 12 months old.

Providing children with eye screenings at an early age can prevent many problems from occurring or reduce the harmful effects of many eye problems. Early intervention can prevent many eye and vision problems and can more easily correct those problems that do occur.


What we look for in an InfantSEE Assessment:

1. What is the patient/family history?
We will look at risk factors such as low birth weight, premature birth, family history of eye problems, infection of the mother during pregnancy, and difficult labor.

2. Can the baby see?
We will determine if the baby can see by having the child follow an object with his or her eyes and focus on an object. We will also see whether your child prefers to look at objects that are close up or far away.

3. Are the eyes healthy?
We will look at the structure of the eye, the tear ducts, and pupil function. All of these tests should be performed when the baby is calm and relaxed, such as during a bottle feeding or while the child is sleeping. Schedule your child’s InfantSEE exam today.

This informative video will give you more information about the InfantSEE Assessment.

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