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Optikam's technology is used to capture over 3 Million measurements a year!

What is OptikamPad?

OptikamPad is a complete dispensing solution that helps our eye care professionals, assist you at all stages of the eyewear dispensing process. This revolutionary and advanced set of tools, helps us offer you a personal and unique shopping experience.

Frame Selection

When a mirror and a smartphone camera are simply not enough!

OptikamPad's Frame Selection module allows our eye care professionals to help you overcome hesitations associated with the selection of new frames. Customers who cannot see themselves clearly in a mirror without their prescription are provided an opportunity to do so after their pictures have been taken using OptikamPad's Frame Selection.

Optikam Frame Selection AR.png

Augmented Reality

What if we could offer you a glimpse of how our premium lens options can enhance your vision before you purchase your lenses?

Our Augmented Reality service assists our eye care professionals in building the lens combination that's right for you. This service allows you to see how different lens options will impact your vision — whether you spend a day in the office to a night out on the town. The OptikamPad's video mode even allows you to choose a live view with the lens options of your choice in or outside of your office.

Optikam Automatic Image Detection

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