How important are your eyes?


At the Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio we have just launched our unique and personal membership program, designed by our top Doctors of Optometry, just for you?

Our membership plans allow you to take control of your family's eyecare, utilizing a simple and manageable eyecare program.


Watch our membership explainer video and find out more about our manageable eyecare program

Take control of your eyecare today...

Our eyecare membership program is designed just for you


What is the benefit of an eyecare membership plan?

Take control of your eyecare for as little as $12.50 per month 

Customize your plan to your own requirements 

Get immediate benefits upon signing 

Full benefits after 12 months 

You service your car, so why not service your eyes?


What is included in your eyecare plan?

Our basic package includes either Single Vision, Lined Bifocal or Trifocal Lenses

 Polycarbonate Lenses for under 18’s plus Frames to the value of $150 or $150 towards contact lenses 

All non covered options are at 80% of our usual & customary pricing

Want Glasses and Contacts – add the additional benefit package worth $150