Diagnostic Testing

In an effort to provide our patients with the highest quality care available, we have invested in state of the art diagnostic testing instruments. Sophisticated care close to home.  

Retinal Photography

Our digital retinal camera allows photos of the back of your eye to be taken. Utilizing this technology we can take a closer look at the retina. It also provides a great baseline to monitor any changes that may occur from year to year.

Retinal Photography

Visual Fields

This painless test is invaluable in diagnosing and treating patients with Glaucoma. Through a series of flashing lights it accurately measures and maps out your peripheral vision.

Visual Fields


This technological breakthrough uses a scanning laser to give an elevation map or cross section of the retina (the tissue located at the back of the eye). This instrument is useful in monitoring Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Macular Edema as well as Glaucoma.


iVue OCT

OCTA is the only non-invasive way for our physicians to visualize the vascular structures of your retina.Previously the only way to visualize these blood vessels used fluorescein angiography, a lengthy procedure requiring injections of contrast dye associated with a wide range of side effects and limited imaging results. With AngioVue, high quality images are available in seconds, without the use of dye injections




Our investment in the Lenstar LS 900 takes nine different measurements in a single scan that lasts a few seconds. These measurements are imperative prior to cataract surgery for correct placement of the intra ocular lens.

SLT Laser

This laser procedure is done in office under the guidance of our ophthalmologist. This laser is guided to the “drain network” of the eye and stimulated to help it perform more efficiently. This procedure has a very low complication rate and it may help patients eliminate the eye drops they are using.

SLT Laser

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